6 February - 19 March 2016

Particle and Wave

“Particle and Wave” is a group exhibition of sculpture, photography and technological media in which artists explore the properties of light. Reflection, refraction and color theory are used as tools to examine human perception and to consider science and philosophy’s attempts to explain the universe.


For centuries, scientists have debated the nature of light. Does it behave like a particle, or does it behave like a wave? Current thinking holds that light exhibits properties of both particles and waves. Although this explanation works well in the science of quantum mechanics, it falls short in terms of broader metaphysical questions concerning the essence of light.


Tim Hawkinson, one of the artists in this exhibition, says, “What artists do is ask questions without answers.” This exhibition addresses that equivocal examination. Included are works by Bruce Conner, Jim Campbell, Jay DeFeo, Susan Derges, Tara Donovan, Josef Ehm, Adam Fuss, Tim Hawkinson, Werner Klotz, Emil Lukas, Marco Maggi, Tom Marioni, Chris McCaw, Gay Outlaw, and Luis Tomasello.

Bruce Conner, Sound of Two Hand Angel, 1974