Julie Chang's work is rooted in an investigation around cultural identity, highlighted by the ways in which patterns serve as powerful and ubiquitous markers of class - as symbols of arriving and belonging. She is engaged in a practice of appropriation, reassertion, and subversion of meaning, one that allows her to navigate through the complex space of social and cultural values, longings, anxieties and fears. She mines her own experience as source material, and integrates imagery from multiple and divergent sources, such as ethnic images from gift cards, t-shirts, wrapping paper, and instructional gimcrack. Intertwining traditional Chinese textile design, European wallpaper patterns, and contemporary graphic design, she juxtaposes elements of identity with visual icons drawn from her experience growing up in Orange County in order to participate in a dialogue around the larger issues of race, gender, class and the commodification of culture.

Untitled 10, 2012

Untitled 4, 2012

Untitled 11, 2012

Untitled 3, 2012

Mural, 2014

Chinese. Japanese. Indian Chief., 2012

I Know Karate (detail), 2012

Dirty Knees (detail), 2012

Wednesday's Child, 2012

Chinese. Japanese. Indian Chief., 2012

Thank You Link Double Suzani, 2011

Graphite and Gold Pistol Trellis, 2011

Silk Road STYLE, Orange County Chic!, 2011

Silk Road STYLE, Orange County Chic!, 2011

Silk Road STYLE, Orange County Chic!, 2011

Pocket Full of Sunshine, 2009

Ox Forgotten, 2008

Taming, 2008

A Feeling of Distinction, 2007

Pattern vs Decoration, 2007

Design for the Well-Lived Life (detail of 4), 2007