Jonathan Brand's varied artistic practice combines aspects of performance, object-making, drawing, and filmmaking. His works are the product of actions propelled by experimentation, problem solving, and discovery. Autobiographical sources provide a means to contend with personal history and the notion of failure, and to develop new methods of thinking about and making work. Brand's first solo New York exhibition began with a photograph of himself as a boy standing next to his beloved BMX bike. A desire to create a copy of the bike prompted a search for the original, based on memory and the only existing photograph, and the construction of a machine to make the wooden copy. This obsession also compelled Brand to (re)learn BMX bike tricks as an adult, which he documented in film. The exhibition included all the components of this process, along with delicate silverpoint drawings based on the video footage of Brand riding and falling off his bike. His second solo New York exhibition is a continuation of The Diamond Project shown in "One for Another," his first solo West Coast exhibition. It involves reconstructing in paper at actual size every part of a 1969 Ford Mustang. Again based on a real event from his past, the work alludes to a painstakingly restored car which he then sold in order to buy a diamond engagement ring.

Untitled (motor), 2011

Untitled (steering wheel), 2011

Untitled (driver's door), 2011

Untitled (dashboard), 2011

Untitled (wheel), 2010

Spark Plug, 2010

The Diamond, 2008

Untitled (Mahogany), 2008

Family Photograph, 1986

Battle Axe, 2007

Fallen, 2007

Some Day, 2007

Bunny Hop 1, 2007

Bunny Hop 2, 2007